A procedurally generated hack-n-slash action adventure for the Pico-8 fantasy console!


Up/Down/Left/Right - Move
X - Attack
Z - Strafe


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good game

And so I played this game while me and my baby commented. Honestly though, this kinda broke what I thought was possible with Pico-8 games. Very cool game.

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This game is great! I wish i could download it! Anyway I could download it somehow?

This game was a lot of fun, it had a really nice feel to it! I played it a couple weeks back, and didnt know I could link it here

Part 1:

Part 2:

Awesome! Thanks for making these!

Hey! No Problem!! It was a good time!

Awesome. Really like it!

this is really incredible :)

Very cool. :D

This was a lot of fun, it's a shame you can only play it in browser and not download it.

For some reason my game wont run

can I get you to copy paste the code for this so I can try to learn from it

Sure! You can view the source on the Pico-8 BBS. Just click the "code" link directly below the game.

This is great. Loved the music.

i agree! awesome game!


Lots of fun! I definitely think there should be more hp drops or more hp per drop. It's very hard as is and I never had more than 1/6th hp!

Really neat game you've made. Here's a video of it!


very fun, very fitting name too.